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iPod Battery Customer Testimonials

“Just changed the battery in my daughter’s iPod mini. I felt a little like the neurosurgeon on Grey’s Anatomy. My advice– watch the video a couple of times, go slowly and remember to breathe. The end pieces are held by glue, so be patient when prying them off with the tool that works great, by the way. Work gently, nothing requires any force. I would say that if you can change a watch battery you can do this. I am a believer in fixing things, not throwing them out to buy a new one. Thanks for affirming this belief.”
Don from Clinton, CT (Order 40498)

“Hi! I found your site on the Apple website discussion groups page and was I ever glad that I did. All the other site that offers battery replacement didn’t have what you guys do. Before i ordered a battery for my iPodmini, I’d been reading the testimonials from your customers & watching your videos to see how everything worked. At first, i wanted to ship my iPod to you so that you guys can replace the battery for me, but then I decided to try it myself. I ordered the 750 mAH battery via UPS Ground shipping. The day it arrived, I looked through the instruction so that I won’t have any problems when i take my iPodapart. A few days later, I went ahead to change the battery. In maybe less than 10-15 minutes, I was already putting my iPodback together & charging it. I’m not tech-savvy so I was really surprised about how fast everything was. Your instructions & video was really clear so that was a big plus. My iPodworks great with the new battery & i don’t even have to charge it every single day because even after three day, there was still more than half of the battery left! I’m definitely going to recommend you guys to anyone who needs to have their iPod battery replace. Thanks you guys so much!”
Ying from San Francisco, CA (Order 35249)

“Still to this day I will never sell the old rocking chair that sits on my front porch. Now that I am grey in hair and long in the tooth I find that it is my one place I truly feel at peace with my own thoughts. When I was a child my grandmother would sit in the same rocking chair and listen to an old phonograph that she kept through the great depression. Swinging jazz music would fill the living room as she rocked back and forth. I consider myself up with the times though, despite my old age. My children keep me informed on topics like the internet. I even went online to print out directions to an old friend’s house that I haven’t seen in years. Then one day my oldest son (who happens to work for Apple Computers) told me that I can actually find music on the internet and for a small fee I can put songs on a small portable device he called an “iPod”. Well I thought about this for a little while, and seeing as how our family phonograph had long since given up the ghost I agreed to go out with him to purchase my first iPod. Going to the store was amazing. Everything in there seemed to be in motion and I found myself captivated by the dozens of colorful displays around me. We decided to head straight to the iPod section of the store. My son asked me which I preferred, larger memory and better display of the iPod VIDEO or the smaller memory and durability of the iPod mini or Fourth Generation iPod. After a moment he realized that I really just needed something that was reliable and played music well so he picked out the iPod mini. I thought they came in the cutest colors anyways. I decided on the pink mini because for some reason it reminded me of a little pink purse I had when I was a girl. At home I unpacked the mini from the box it came in (which was quite stylish to Apple’s credit) and my son showed me how to plug it in with the wall outlet iPod charger. It seems so small and complicated to me but he assured me that if anything ever happens to it there are some excellent iPod repair and wonderful IPHONE repair companies out there who will take care of it. Before I knew it my mini was downloading my favorite rag time jazz songs that I remembered from my childhood. But I almost forgot that this was about my favorite rocking chair and not my mini. See, the chair is now even more of a comfortable place where I can sit on the porch and reminisce about old memories. Now, though, I can listen to my little pink mini and the songs which conjure up all those old memories, many years away.”
Clara from Birmingham, AL

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